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Keepers    of   time

with metallic rods                 ,,.                 579

Time-keepers           ...               ...                 479

Blacksmiths             ...               ..,              3,736

Goldsmiths               ...               ...               8,775

Having taken muster, in this fashion, Rajabhuvara
commanded that all his elephants should be led before him for
investing them with armour and the weapons. The following
were led before him in obedience to his order.*

When the elephants were thus brought before him, he had
them invested with armour, weapons, and howdahs, in which
were placed bows and arrows. In addition to these animals,
he caused to be led (before him^ 1,000 elephants for bearing
standards, 2,000 for carrying jajayis and 3,000 for carrying
guns. Then he alighted with the holders of seventy-two kinds
ofniyogas and troops in a camp which extended breadthwise for
eighty miles from the banks of the Tungabhadra to those of
the Krsna* Eajabhuvara took up his quarters between
the villages of Tavaragere and Kpsnagiri.

On the other side, Nizam Saha Bhairy Padusaha, the lord
of the throne of Daulatabad, crossed the river, Bhimarathi, and
pitched his tents outside Sultanpur alias Ferozabad. Akhabara
Jalavudinu Padusaha halted outside the fort, Wahib Eahimbal
Kutupu Saha lay encamped with his army between Mudgal
and Kaicur in Telingana. Imam-ul-mulk, the king of
Varhad, as well as All! Yadula Saha Padusaha, the lord of the
throne of Bijapur, marched with their respective armies and
halted at the fort of Jamalghar on the Krsrta.f The armies
of the Mnssalman kings were seen everywhere. Crowds of
foot-soldiers, Pindaris, arrow-makers, with the

* A long list of the names of elephants found in the text (pp. 277-78) is not
included in thft translation, as it is of no value.
f ««Vaheebrahim Cootbood Snafc Padrfia of Terlinga encamped together with
ABo* Adil Shah of Beejapore near Jamalgud on the bank of * Kiatna River * and no m*n-
&*. U thi» oo»t*xt is made of Immmanamutt."— Z 0. M.t p, 195.